We Deliver THE BEST in Customer Experience!

Smith Concierge handles a multitude of pick up and delivery options.  From Shopping to legal documents, know that your courier items are in excellent hands at all times. We are constantly committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and secure, reliable delivery. Our dedicated and timely team goes above and beyond to deliver a seamless and hassle-free same-day delivery experience.

Same Day
Take out

We are an experienced courier based in Augusta, GA. We pick up and delivery to surrounding areas, including South Carolina.


Having many years of experience in satisfying the courier needs of many people and businesses. We work in conjunction with smaller local companies, as well as top Fortune 500 organizations. Whatever courier services are needed- we can help!


Same day delivery is available.


Our fulfillment services provide immediate response, on-demand delivery services for parts and other products or materials that are time-sensitive. We help provide you, as our clients, with fast, reliable fulfillment services that include; inventory management, courier delivery, tracking, proactive monitoring, and fulfillment management.


Learn more about our fulfillment team and services provided by calling or contacting us today.

On Call + Scheduled

When you need to RUSH a delivery, Smith Concierge is ready to go! We guarantee a fast and smooth transaction. We stand by our commitment to provide quick and safe delivery services.

Scheduled Delivery services are available for deliveries that have a limited time frame. Items that may need our scheduled delivery services include, but at not always limited to; lab/medical results and/or specimens, legal documents, Medical deliveries, bank runs, pharmaceuticals, and any other items that all can be time-sensitive.

Big Box Shopping + Delivery

Big box store pick-up and delivery services are available for same-day! We provide big box store pick-up and delivery services for items that are paid in full and can deliver these items straight to your door step.


No matter the temperature or distance, we deliver to where it needs to go! We offer updates via text, email, or phone, throughout the process.